Kallmünz: a cobblestone town on the Naab

Since I’ve been on a roll with castle posts lately, I thought I’d just throw in another one: Burg Kallmünz. We visited Kallmünz in August, so I’ll try my best to clear the cobwebs and portray this charming little town as accurately as possible.

Kallmünz is a small Bavarian village just down the road from Hohenfels. The main attractions are, of course, the castle ruins, and also a Medieval cobblestone bridge that arches over the Naab river. The swans swimming in the calm waters along flower-riddled riverbanks almost make the scene too good to be true. Without these pictures as proof, I don’t know how I would convince anyone of the true beauty of this town. It’s the epitome of a hidden gem.



The cobblestone streets are quiet, and traveled mostly by bikes and pedestrians. Once you try to drive the streets of Kallmünz, you’ll understand why. It’s a labyrinth of blind turns and white-knuckle alleyways almost too narrow for a small car to pass through. There is a free Parktplatz right behind Gemeinde Kallmünz (municipal building). We went on a sunny Saturday, so the lot was very full. I imagine that during the off-season or on a less-than-desirable hiking day it would have plenty of free spaces.

I highly recommend exploring the town, even if you’re only in Kallmünz to see the castle. The streets are very pedestrian-friendly and you can spend the better part of an hour getting lost in the winding alleys while enjoying some Eis.

And please, for the love of God, bring your camera!



Another word to the wise: bring some water for the hike up to the castle ruins. It’s a quick walk, but boy is it steep. I heard from a friend that there is also an easier path for a more relaxing hike (and probably better for the elderly and young children).

We took the more difficult route and scrambled up the steep rock steps like a couple of mountain goats. The steps were uneven and sometimes too big of a stretch for my little legs. The views were pretty awesome though.


The stairs takes you up to a grassy hilltop.


There aren’t many trees around the ruins. The hilltop catches a really refreshing breeze.

The outer walls and watchtower of the are what’s left of Kallmünz castle.


I especially loved the pointed archways. They’re crumbled and weathered away to a skeletal reminder of what they once were.


Now they are just windows to the sky.


The long half-wall overlooking Kallmünz was my favorite part.


There’s plenty of room to sit, lean, and relax. Bring a picnic lunch up here!


Just remember to collect your trash. The last thing you’d want is to clutter a beautiful place like this.


Kallmünz looks exactly like a collection of toy houses from an electric train display.


We saw carved wood statues by the ruins, but weren’t sure of the history behind these. Anyone? Bueller?


I also found a little friend climbing up the ivy.


I can’t wait to see how picturesque this view is during winter. Hopefully, we will make a trip in the next couple of months to admire Kallmünz covered in snow.

But I doubt that view can top these sunny, summer afternoons.


Taken with my iPhone 6s

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