A little piece of Greece, so close to home

Home in Germany, that is.

Lee and I spent last Saturday strolling Regensburg, taking full advantage of the fact that the sun appeared on a Saturday (gasp). We perused our favorite whisky shop, The Whisky Brothers, and a fabulous corner wine shop called Rehorik. I’d say we made some good finds.

But we definitely worked up an appetite, and thought it was about time we went to check out the “little Greek place in Velburg” everyone raves about: Akropolis.

It definitely wasn’t “little.” It’s situated on a quiet street in a quaint village, but the restaurant spans the ground floors of two connected buildings. The atmosphere inside is more spacious than most local German restaurants, and it’s bustling. Loud exchanges in Greek can constantly be heard between the kitchen and the wait staff. Ah, how I’ve missed Greek culture.

You’ll definitely need a reservation to eat here. We arrived at 5:30, when dinner service had barely started. The tables were mostly empty, but all of them had “Reserviert” cards on them. As we searched for somewhere to sit, the owner (female) ushered us to a table by the door, apologetically stating that it was the only one left. We really lucked out–this place is just that popular.

As we were served our German beers, we were also greeted with two complementary shot glasses of Ouzo. This was my first experience with the strange Mediterranean liquor. It tasted strongly of Anise (like licorice), but with an extremely sweet aftertaste. It was good!

The owner (male) was the one to take our order. We ordered appetizers of Greek salad and a roasted red pepper stuffed with sheep’s cheese. The Greek salad was delicious, and reminded me just how much I had been missing that combination of crunchy vegetables and Feta cheese. The pepper was also fantastic, and we spread some of the oozing, bubbly cheese on crusty bread.

I was originally going to order the shrimp platter, but the owner recommended the daily special of grilled Tuna, so I got that instead. Something I learned while in Greece was to always trust the recommendation of the restaurant owner. I’m glad I did, because this was the most delicious piece of tuna I’ve ever had. And it wasn’t just one piece…it was a piece and a half! It was seasoned well, grilled to perfection, and garnished with some simple vegetables and buttery rice.

I was shocked at how much tuna was on my plate, for just €16.80. That price might seem high compared to other local restaurants, but a tuna steak of this quality and size in the US would cost you a fortune.

Lee got lamb kebabs and gyros with tzatziki and rice for around €9. Also a steal. His meat was cooked perfectly, the tzatziki was tangy and creamy, and the rice had a rich, salty tomato flavor. Homestyle Greek cooking at its best.

Everything was simple, but perfect. This definitely isn’t the place to go if you’re searching for an artisanal gourmet meal. This is the place to go if you want perfectly cooked, authentic, homestyle food (and why wouldn’t you want that?) The Greeks certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to meat and veggies, and they never ever skimp. We were bursting at the seams, and it didn’t put a dent in our wallet.

The owner came to collect our plates and asked how everything tasted. I told him that tuna was the best I ever had. He smiled ear-to-ear, let out a big sigh of relief and said, “Oh, I’m SO glad! I was so nervous, because I recommended it!”

If that’s not characteristic of a Greek restaurant owner, than I don’t know what is. He lives for pleasing his guests. I’ll certainly be back.



One thought on “A little piece of Greece, so close to home

  1. Regensburgsylvania is as close as I can get to this foodery. Can I get Uber Rush to get me some of those fixins from GE to USA?


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